Transparent Hand Washing Liquid
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Hand washing liquid is necessary to get our hands clean. Sehat clear Hand Washing Liquid washes away dirt and germs from your hands, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed. This product has four colores & four fragrances. • Rose • Tuberose • Iris • Ipomea

Volume Per carton
500 ml 12
4000 mL 4
Sodiumlaurylethersulfate NaPCA D-panthenol
TEA laurylethersulfate Decyl glucoside E.D.T.A2 Na
Cocamidopropyl betaine Glycerin
Presevative Anti UV
Coconut fatty Acid DEA PEG7Glycerylcocoate clear Handwash
  • Almond Handwash
  • Coconut Handwash
  • Olive Handwash
  • Glycerin Handwash
  • pineapple Handwash
  • Clear Handwash
  • Foam Handwash