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Natural herbal oils contain nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids, and salts that can satisfy part of the hair’s needs. Sehat oil shampoos contain natural oils that enhance the strength and gloss of the hair, and even those with greasy hair can use these types to strengthen their hair.

  • This shampoo makes the hair feel cool, refreshed, nourished and smooth, and makes it easy to comb
  • Containing mint extract and glycerin
Volume Per carton
300 ml 24
1000 ml 12
Almond oil Aqua Sodium Laureth  Sulfate
Cocamidopropyl betaine Coconut fatty Acid DEA Glycerin
Sodium chloride Citric acid
Propylene Glycol شامپو سدر صحتh



English : Coconut

Coconut Scientific name:cocos nucifera

General name :coconut

Persian name :coconut

The coconut tree is a tree with an average height of 7meters, sometimes up to 40 meters.

The leaves of the tree are very large and have a length of two to six meters. The fruit is shaft.

Shaped, oval, with a diameter of is to 30 cm, which is covered whit a lot of fibers. These fibers are first soft and then dry and rough. After cutting the fiber inside.IT appears on a fruit that has a brownish , almost spherical color(coconut fruit).The internal color of the fruit is white and greasy ,which in addition to oval intake ,has a lot of oil known as coconut oil .Inside the fruit is also a deliciously flavored milky liquid called coconut juice.

The most important constituents of coconut oil are:

Coconut oil is rich saturated fatty acids and a small amount of unsaturated fatty acids .carbohydrates and proteins .The most important saturated fatty acids, la uric acid and meristic acid and the most important unsaturated fatty acid are oleic acid.

The correct coconut shampoo is more suitable for what hair.

All hair by washing with a negative charge and its consistency lose but this is for normal hair tends to dry and dehydrated much more occurs, therefore the formula shampoo containing coconut oily verify tried to natural. The negative hair loss of the positive. Charge polly-quatternium loss due to the repair of the ends of the hair, which improves the hair throat, an excellent and easy shoulder.

Shampoo containing coconut oil suitable for all types of hair, especially dry, tenderness hair, with a smooth, good luster and good comfort ability after rinsing.

The formula for this shampoo in addition to oil, natural coconut containing detergent mild that the overall level of irritation from detergent anionic lowered and has anti-static combined these shampoos potful or vitamin Bs-used.

Among the featured of D-panthenol or vitamin Bs: a relatively deep penetration into the skin, moisture and hair scalp.

This product has a delicious coconut aroma, which gives a sense of freshness and softness.

To use this shampoo for possessing formulations unique to those with normal hair tend to dry more recommended, so just who their hair to sock up the comb course comb and then with luck warm well rinsed.

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