Aloevera Hand Dish Washing Liquid
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Mentioning the properties of dishwashing liquid: effective wash, stable foaming density for long time, compatibility with skin, desirable fragrance, easy to wash, no stain on dishes while good appearance in transparency and color, the brand «Sehat» sparks in the mind.

  • Aloe Vera is a natural extract working as vegetable moisture
  • With high cleansing power
  • So concentrated and also economical
Volume Per carton
500 ml 24
750 ml 12
1000 ml 12
4000 ml 3
alkyl benzene sulfonic acid NaoH Aqua
Tri ethanol amine 85% Urea Extract
Coconut fatty acid diethanolamide Fancy Aloe RC
Sodium lauryl ether sulfate E.D.T.A4Na
Cocamidoporopylbetaine Anti UV Hand dish wash

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera

In Aloe Vera concentrate dishwashing liquid compounds glycerin and natural extract of Aloe Vera are used as an herbal moisturized to reduce the moisture lost by the skin caused by dishwashing. However, our recommendation is still to use gloves natural external of Aloe Vera plant increases the absorption capacity of skin moisture, so it is the best moisturize for the skin .The word concentrate means compression , concentration and the purpose of dishwashing liquid concentrate I-e

Reducing the water content of the formula and adding formula as compared with other conventional dishwashing formula to enhance the cleansing power, degradation and product performance. This product is economically due to its concentration in comparison with other dishwashing liquids, since it has approximately twice as much standard detergent capacity as the detergent and the same amount of consumption in reduced.

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