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Sehat Almond Hand Washing Liquid contains sweet almond oil, guar and glycerin. The sweet almond oil that is full of vitamins and minerals softens and nourishes the skin effectively.

  • A mild detergent which is suitable for dry skin
  • Guar makes a soft and pleasant layer on the skin.
  • Glycerin is very suitable for skin and retains skin moisture
  • Maintains your skin's pH balance
  • With a pleasant fragrance and an orange color
Volume Per carton
500 ml 12
4 L 4
Aqua, Almond oil, Guar, Glycerin, Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Triethanolamine Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid.

Almond Plant


Amygdalus communis L.

English: Almond, Almond Tree
French: Amande
Italian: Mandorlo
German: Mandelbaum
Persian: Baadaam
Arabic: Loze

Almond tree is a beautiful tree about 5 to 8 meters long. It origin is Central or West Asia, specially Afghanistan or Turkmenistan, but it has been plant in Iran, Ghafghaz, Syria and Palestine since long ago. 
Today, its wild breed exists in China and is assumed that it existed there in 10th or 11th century BC. 
After being spread out form Asia to Greece, ancient Romans planned almond tree in Alps valleys in 2nd century BC. 
In 716 and 812 Christian years, it was transferred to France and Germany. 

Almond tree has two different varieties: 
1-Sweet Almond 
2-Bitter Almond 

Almond leaf is elliptic, sharp and serrated. Its pink flowers grow in spring, before its leaves. Almond fruit is drupe, fleshy and green; it is green and downy when it is fresh, but the fleshy part dries gradually and changes into a dry, thick layer around the seed. 
Almond is elliptic and is tipped at one end. The other tip is round, its length is 2 to 3 cm., its width is 1.5 to 2 cm. and its thickness is 1 cm. 
Almond is covered by a brown skin, if almond is fresh this skin comes off easily, but if not, it comes off with the help of warm water. 

Sweet almond is larger and its color is lighter than bitter almond. It taste is mild and can be easily recognized from bitter almond. 

Useable parts of almond are flower, skin and seed.

Chemical compound:

Sweet almond contains 50 to 55 % (40 to 45 % in bitter almond), 23 to 25 % Albuminoidal substances, and a compound of substances forming emulsion, sugar, resin, mucilage and minerals (3 to 4 %). 
In bitter almond, percentage of oil is less than in sweet almond but percentage of emulsion is more

Almond Oil:

For preparing almond oil, almond is ground after being dried, and after turning into paste, it is put under pressure so that the oil is extracted. 
Almond oil is light yellow, flowing and has a mild taste. It is odorless if it is fresh. Almond oil is soluble in Chloroform, Sulphor Carbon, Ethylic Ether, Petrol Ether and Benzene, but is less soluble in alcohol.

Bitter Almond Essence:

For producing this essence, the remains of first oil is put in water and is distilled. Distillation is repeated after that it is affected by Calcium Hydrate and Ferrous Sulfate, so that it loses Ciandric Acid. 

Bitter Almond essence is a clear colorless liquid, but if it is not fresh its color changes into yellow. Its smell is strong and its taste is hot and bitter (in case of containing Ciandric Acid). This essence is soluble in water but solves easier in Alcohol and Ether. It boils in 180 degrees. 

Since bitter Almond essence compounds easily with Oxygen, the containing bottle should be filled completely with essence so that it does not compound with Oxygen existing in bottle. Bottle of essence should be kept in a cool place away from light. 

If this essence is affected by Sulphuric Acid, its color changes into reddish brown; and with Alcohol, it becomes colorless.

Medical Features:

Almond Blossom: Almond blossom has a nice smell but a bitter taste. Boiled blossom of sweet almond was used for treatment of children, which is still common in some regions. 
The solution gained by boiling 30 gr. of almond leaf with 10 gr. of almond blossom in 1 L. of water (for about 10 minutes) is useful in curing coughing (4 small cups between each meal), and treatment of bilious complaints ( one cup before each meal).

Sweet Almond:

Skin: 50 gr. of boiled sweet almond skin in 1 L. of water make syrup useful for treatment of cough, sour throat, and inflammations caused by respiratory diseases. Physicians believe that the mentioned syrup works as a tranquilizer. 
Leaf: Sweet almond leaf is an anti-bilious, tranquilizer, and is used in treatment of bilious complaints. 
Almond: Sweet almond is used dried or raw. It is hardly digested. 
An emulsion potion is prepared with almond and orange flower juice:

Leaf of chamomile   30 gr.
Skin of oak tree   2 gr.
Chamomile flower   10 gr.
Flowering brows of ‘Baghnaghumun'   30 gr.
Flowering brows of ‘Merimiyeh'   120 gr.

With blending and mixing these substances, a potion called ‘White Shower’ is produced which has a nice fragrance. 
Almond Milk: Almond milk is made by blending 50 gr. of almond and 50 gr. of sugar and mixing them in 1 L. of distilled water. Almond milk is tranquilizer and moisturizer but it is effective when is used much.

Sweet Almond Oil:

This oil works as a laxative, it is effective on the inflammations of large intestine. It is also used in treatment of cough, bronchitis, kidney colic, kidney stone, and convulsions.

Bitter Almond:

Leaf and skin of bitter almond have usages similar to sweet almond.
Bitter almond is used in syrups, emulsions and almond oil. It is also used for treatment of cough, Asthma and painful pimples. 
For External use, almond is used for relief of pains, bile and kidney colic, migraine, and pain caused by Rheumatism. 
Bitter almond paste can be used instead of soap for treatment of Skin diseases . It is effective in cure of freckles and spots. 
Its emulsion is effective in treatment of itchy skin.

Features and usage of Almond oil:

Since almond oil contains Fatty Acids, it is ideal for treatment of very dry skin. 
As a moisturizer, it helps skin absorb humidity. 
Almond oil causes obstruction of skin cells to preserve moisture of skin. 
Almond oil is extracted from Sweet almond which is plant in Mediterranean countries. 
It is an important part of moisturizing soaps, shampoos, creams and other hygienic products. Pure almond oil can be used for massaging hand and nails.

Usage of Bitter Almond Oil:

This oil is used in treatment of wounds, itchiness of skin, and nettle-rash. 
It can be used in treatment of skin diseases instead of soap. 
It works as an anti-wrinkle.

Usage of Sweet Almond Oil:

This oil is used in shampoos as a moisturizer, and also in creams and ointments as anti-inflammation. It heals burns as well. 
It can be applied to skin of children who suffer from scarlet fever or measles. 
Almond tree grows in different regions of Iran such as Ghazvin, Arasbarean Forests and Araak.


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